10 ridiculous song videos you’ll never get tired of

Image source: amazonaws.com

From the depths YouTube’s never-ending supply of entertainment, we have dug out the finest pearls of pure joy. These timeless videos ooze of creativity, originality and adventure.

1. Sunday Morning Love You by Bhim Niroula

Begin every morning with a dose of love

2. It’s my life whatever I wanna do by Vennu Mallesh

Arguably the greatest lyricist of our time

3. Super Sweet City by Amrit Bains

The official anthem of the city of Surrey

4. Desi Spiderman

He does whatever that a spider can and much more…

5. Hello, Dinosaur

The source of Mr. Spielberg’s inspiration

6. Eye to eye by Taher Shah

Love at first sight!

7. Jab se hui hain Muhabbat

Dance like nobody’s watching!

8. School ke Tem pe

The nostalgia of your high-school romance

9. Cobra Cobra by Wilbur Sargunaraj

Shake like a snake.

10. Goli Maar

MJ’s thriller is based on this killer song.