10 things that only a girl with short hair will understand

Image source: wallpaperstock.net

Shags, pixie, boycott, bob cut, buzz cut – short hairstyles rule! Plenty of happiness with short hair; wash and run to work for example, especially when you do not have the time on a cold winter morning to doll up! However, all is not rosy in pixie hair land; we girls with short cropped hair are flooded with a barrage of questions. Not everyone would understand our lamenting hair tales, but those who do are the fairies and pixies who keep it short; just like us.

Here’s what you long-crowned-hair-damsels wouldn’t understand; we don’t even expect you girls to!

1. The shorter the better and more air on the neck!

Who wants to be a prisoner of hair, especially when the gruelling hot summer humid days blow full and harsh? Not even the ponytail can help – spare us please, the shorter the better and more air on the neck!

Image source: Slodive.com
Image source: Slodive.com

2. Why isn’t short hair amongst the top 10, 20, 30, 40 so on hairstyles of the year?

It is a style, we flaunt it well, Halle Berry shows her best; so why isn’t it a rage to talk about? How rude not to talk about short hair as the next hair trend!

3. There aren’t many guides and tips for us to manage our short hair.

This either means we girls with short hair are the intelligent lot, or the folks out there seem to believe we exist only in Tinkerbell stories!

Image source: now43.com
Image source: now43.com

4. We do not have a choice to pick from hair accessories.

Every hair accessory we see is for the girls with long hair, or so it seems. Right from the glossy magazine covers to online beauty guides, hair accessories are mostly on women with long-cascading hair; what about us pixie style lovers?

5. Hats aren’t our friend.

We love the cute primrose embellishments on hats and caps, the quirky metal chunks embossed on them too; we just can’t wear a hat without having a ‘flippy’ look to deal with thereafter.

Image source: wordpress.com
Image source: wordpress.com

6. We know how to retort to statements like : ”You look like a twink boy.”

Uhmm! What is that supposed to mean? I am a girl, a girl with a pixie cut; anatomically a female, is that so tough to differentiate? Seriously, twink boy!

7. Dandruff and split ends stay a mile far away from us.

Maybe the long-haired lasses don’t face this all too much; we do though! Short hair and the truth is shown bare – split ends, dandruff, oily scalp, dirt and grime – very noticeable.

Image source: howtomakeyourhairgrowfastertips.com
Image source: howtomakeyourhairgrowfastertips.com

8. We have to trim twice a month for an even look.

Parlour visits and that to twice a month; an expensive affair – We need BFF’s hairstylists round the clock!

9. Long hair isn’t a certification for femininity. I am feminine with my short hair too!

Breaking the stereotypes aren’t we? We short-hair girls are ultra-feminine, ultra-hot and ultra-chic in our way; maybe more than the Rapunzels around. Long hair isn’t a certification for femininity!

Image source: inquisitr.com
Image source: inquisitr.com

10. We have limited hair styling options, but we are creative.

To the left, to the right, spikes, Mohawks, highlights, messy look – all done, now what – limited hair styles for us with short hair!

We hear you girl, we do – don’t let that dampen your spirit though. Short is the new long, shorter the better and you go girl, nice and strong! So, let’s break stereotypes – shall we?