10-year-old Finnish boy hacks into Instagram!

Image courtesy: thenextweb.com

A 10-year-old Finnish boy named Jani, who ideally shouldn’t even be on social networking platforms, hacked into Instagram and found a bug. Facebook, which now owns Instagram, rewarded him with a very cool $10,000 under the ‘Bug Bounty’ programme!

The bug reportedly allows one to delete comments made by others. Facebook claims to have fixed the issue.

Jani had reportedly found the bug in February and emailed Facebook about the flaw. The security engineers at Facebook then set up an account for him to prove his claims—which he eventually did.

Helsinki-based Jani is now the youngest ever recipient of the Bug Bounty award. He told a Finnish daily that he would use the money to buy a new bike or football equipment or computers for his brothers.

Several companies offer incentives to people who can find bugs in the security system so as to prevent them from selling the ‘find’ in the black market.

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