12 touching artistic tributes to Aylan Kurdi, the innocent life claimed by the war in Syria

Image courtesy: Twitter

The first real casualty of war is innocence.

-Oliver Stone, Platoon (1986)

Artists around the globe have continued to pay touching tributes to the image that broke the world’s hearts last week.

The image was that of a 3-year-old Syrian kid named Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed ashore in Turkey following his family’s failed attempt to flee a war-torn Kobani region in Syria.

If the original image wasn’t haunting enough, these illustrations are sure to make us revisit the meaning of progress and remind us of the terrifying human toll of every single war.

1. Roughly translated from Spanish: A sea of hatred brought you here, but you’ll be received by a sea of love.

2. Indian artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created sand art as a tribute to the unfortunate soul.

3. The image that breaks your heart

4. Have we failed humanity?

5. Is this progress?

6. The little angel

7. A better place

8. The most intelligent specie?

9. Humanity slipping away

10. The death of innocence

11. The cost of war

12. RIP, Aylan.

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