15 things our parents told us when we were in school

February and March were probably the most-hated months for many of us as children. Boards, pre-boards, final exams, mock tests, were probably the most despised words. Those days, we invariably wanted to grow up so that we never had to face examinations ever again. However, now that we are grown-ups, we enjoy reliving those priceless childhood moments.

Here are things that our parents told us, and repeated often during ‘exam time’ and what thoughts we had in our mind.

1. “If you stand first in class, I will gift you whatever you want!”

Yeah, right. Just when I am wondering if I will get that dream score of 35. The statement ‘first in class’ was somebody I would refer to as a padaku!

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2. “You must study at least 3 hours a day.”

I come home from school by 5:00 pm, watch TV for an hour, and play a game of cricket/badminton, or cycle in the by-lanes in the colony for another hour. Come home, eat something again because my tummy is growling. At 8:00 it’s my favourite show on Cartoon Network / Nickelodeon, and then it’s time for dinner and then sleep. Okay, for examination’s sake, somehow I can sacrifice an hour of playing with my buddies. But from where did dad or mom think, I can study for at least 3 hours?

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3.“Look your cousin topped his class, he is a software engineer now. And our neighbour, Priya aunty, said her daughter has won an award for being the top scorer in Mathematics. Learn from them.”

Well, it’s great that they have doing really well. But why me, I am not exceptional like them. Why are your comparing me? I am not superman, but who listens?

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4. “You must get up at 5 in the morning, because retention is better then.”

Maa, that’s like midnight for me. How can I read when my younger brother is sleeping away to glory? The sound of the birds chirping, disturbs me you know. Okay, fine, exams are important I understand. I must sacrifice my sleep so that my future is “bright,” but for now just let me sleep for 5 more minutes. Just 5 more minutes, Maaaaaaa.

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5.“Eat a spoonful of sugar before you leave home to take the examination, you will fare better.”

If only that really worked, I wouldn’t have panicked so much about exams. I have already forgotten the formula to measure the area of a rhombus, chemical reaction formula, the diagram of the amoeba, what’s the name of the poem William Wordsworth wrote?

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6. “Summer vacation, is not meant to be wasted playing. You must read one lesson from each subject every day.”

Just when I made plans to spend half the vacation at grandma’s place and the other half at Mama’s place. All plans down the drain. If I read everything now, what will I do in the class next year? Sleep?

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7.“Your handwriting is important. Do copy writing every day.”

Sadly, this is ironical. Today, I might have to think twice about writing holding a pen or pencil. When keyboards rule our lives, all our copy writing attempts are now futile. If only, I had not listened and enjoyed the evenings playing.

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8.“Cable connection will be disabled for three months”

Whaaattt?? Why are you punishing me even before the results are out? I am depressed now and in no mood to study.

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9. “Always Revise. Plan your studies so that you have some time for revision.”

Just when I am doing a permutation and combination of what lessons to leave, so that I can at least concentrate on those lessons which will help me pass. Revision? May be after the exams.

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10. “Attempt all the questions in the exam.”

Yes, I would if I knew the answers! Never managed in my entire student life to answer all of them.

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11. “Don’t copy and let others copy from you. Copying is a bad habit.”

Agree that copying is a bad habit, but I can’t imagine what I have to go through if I flunk. The numerous comparisons, being under house arrest in the summer holidays, no TV, and anything I ask for is rejected. Sorry, I do once in a while and many of my friends do too.

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12. “Come straight home after the examination. You have study so much.”

Oh ho! You will make me study anyways and won’t even let me play at home in the evening. I will definitely play with my gang in the school grounds, eat the Rs 2 ice candy and then return home. And I won’t tell you I did all this.

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13. “All the best”

That one line did give us all the strength to brave the exams. This was much before, “Aaaal is well,” became our life’s mantra.

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14. “Unlike your friends, we don’t have pots of money at home. So you have to study hard to achieve something in life.”

That’s something I always knew. That’s why I had to be throw so much tantrum if I had to make you buy something.

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15. “If you continue to fare so poorly, stop studying. At least help your mom at home.”

This sometimes gave us shudders and the thought of even having to do all the dreadful household chores made us study. It did work wonders for some of us as children. As we grew up, we knew even if we wanted to quit studies, we wouldn’t be allowed to.

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I don’t know if the new-gen kids can relate to this or if any parents still do use these one-liners. Nevertheless, it takes me back to my childhood.