29-year-old woman in Kerala tortured like Nirbhaya before murder reveals post-mortem

Image courtesy: www.viralpiranha.com

Similar to what happened with Nirbhaya on 16 December, 2012, preliminary investigation into the death of a law student called Jisha in Perumbavoor pointed out the gory details of sexual torture before the murder.

According to the post-mortem report, the attacker had used a sharp-edged tool to pull out her intestine. The report revealed the presence of lacerations in the intestine. Jisha’s body had over 30 stab injuries and the chest was pierced with a ‘knife’. The post-mortem report also highlighted a severe injury inflicted to her head as the reason for death.

It is learned that forensic experts will conduct examination of the place where her body was found.

Jisha’s mother Kuttikkatilparambil Rajeshwari who returned from work at 8.30 p.m. on Thursday, found Jisha lying in a pool of blood. Reportedly, her internal organs were found removed and she was stripped naked below the waist. 

Jisha was a law student at the Ernakulam government law college. Jisha and her mother lived together in Rayamangalam. According to the police, her mother was believed to be mentally unstable and hence the family was not in touch with the neighbours. Rajeshwari was separated from her husband several years before. Jisha has an elder sister who is married.

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