5 places in Delhi that serve delicious filter coffee

Frothy South Indian coffee served in steel glasses

They say, “a good day begins with coffee”. And we, Delhiites really like sticking to popular sayings!

There are days when you just need that earthy scent and the slightly bitter taste of coffee to get your day going. And to our relief, Delhi houses innumerable cafes at just about every corner you turn. But for those of us who are the real coffee lovers, most of these cafes are not able to match up to our expectations – especially when it comes to “Filter Coffee”.

Filter kaapi Image Courtesy: cyberbrahma.com
Filter kaapi
Image Courtesy: cyberbrahma.com

So here are 5 places that we tried and tested filter coffee at and were absolutely contented with what we got (we also had a great day ahead):

1. Carnatic Café

This small, cozy South-Indian cafe in New Friend’s Colony is an absolute delight. A place probably most Delhiites tasted their first ‘Filter Coffee’, this small and cozy South Indian cafe in New Friend’s Colony is an absolute delight! If you want to jumpstart your day with some strong coffee or simply relax with a novel in hand, this place is certainly what you have been looking for.

2. Coffee Home

A simple and extremely pocket friendly cafe run by the Delhi Tourism Board, Coffee Home offers a variety of coffees – the best being their filter coffee, of course. Even though the place doesn’t give you the fully serviced restaurant or cafe feel, it is one of the best places to head to for some time off from the hustle bustle.

3. Saravana Bhavan

Everyone’s favorite home-style South-Indian food joint, Saravana Bhavan needs absolutely no introduction to Delhiites or even those from other cities. If you’re in the mood for having a scrumptious dinner and ending the day with the perfect filter coffee, this place is certainly for you. The best part, everything on their menu is authentic yet pocket friendly!

4. Sagar Ratna

Another South-Indian food joint popular for its extensive menu and pocket friendly prices, Sagar Ratna’s filter coffee is like an undiscovered paradise. Made from the best of coffee beans from down south, this restaurant ensures that the coffee served isn’t just piping hot but also keeps up with its name! It is an amazing place for a quick lunch or an outing with friends.

5. Andhra Bhavan

Not just the scrumptious South-Indian food at unbelievably low prices, but also the ‘classic’ filter coffee served, is what makes Andhra Bhavan a favourite amongst coffee lovers! Be it spending some quality time with your family over yummy food and coffee, or a fun dinner with friends, this place certainly needs to be on your list. But don’t forget to order the coffee after seeing what their food menu offers!

Does it smell like coffee? It certainly does and we’re headed out to get ourselves a cup!

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