7 incredible facts about Shrikant Pantawane, the auto rickshaw driver who became an Indigo pilot

Image courtesy: Indigo

Indigo Airline’s in-flight magazine Hello 6E’s current issue includes the inspiring story of Shrikant Pantawane, who used to work as an auto-rickshaw driver before going on to become a successful pilot.

Here are 7 key facts from this article about his incredible journey.

1. His father used to work as a security guard in Nagpur

2. He studied while working as a delivery boy with his own auto.

3. After ending up at the airport on one of his delivery jobs, he was fascinated by the pilots’ uniforms.

4. After a chat with a tea vendor outside the airport he learned about DGCA’s pilot scholarship.

5. After a lot of hard work and struggle, he managed to get into the flight school in Madhya Pradesh.

6. Learning English was tough. But with a bit of help from his friends, Shrikant overcame that obstacle and finished his graduation.

7. But even after graduation, he found it hard to find a job in the airline industry. He worked as an executive in a corporate for a few months before finally landing a job with Indigo.

If this doesn’t inspire you to chase your dreams, nothing will!

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