7 YouTube hacks everyone should know

Image Courtesy: YouTube

Youtube has become an integral part of our lives in this digital age. May it be net series, music or even how to guides, this video streaming platform has it all. Having there are a few Youtube hacks you ought to know, about the biggest video sharing platform.

Share a specific part of a video to a friend

What if you had a specific part of the video that you wanted to show your friend, how do you do that? YouTube has an option where you can pause a video at a desired point, right click on the video and click “copy video URL at current time” and send it to your friends, so they don’t have to view from the beginning.

Stay updated with popular videos

May it be the latest trailers, music videos or other videos, a great place to discover them through the trending section on

Bypass country restrictions

Certain videos on YouTube have restrictions that prevent them from playing in specific regions. There is a way to bypass this.

Simply copy the id from the URL, erase everything after  “.com”, add ‘v/’ followed by the id of the video.

For example, if this is the original link “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny3hScFgCIQ” You need to make this as “https://www.youtube.com/v/ny3hScFgCIQ”

Learn YouTube copyrights from puppets

YouTube’s “Copyrights Basics” FAQ page is a video featuring puppets that are super informative.

You can use Google Trends to find popular search terms

All you need to do is open Google Trends and type a search term into the “Explore topics” search bar at the top. Once that page opens up, click on “Web Search” to open a dropdown menu and choose “YouTube Search”, which filters searches specific to YouTube.

YouTube Video transcripts

Did you know, YouTube automatically creates transcripts for every video? You can access them through the more actions section beneath your video.

Looper for Youtube

This plugin for chrome allows you to put a video or a part of a video on loop, for continuous watching.

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