8 situations Barack Obama will find himself in on his Republic Day trip

Barack Obama's Great Indian Adventure

US President Barack Obama will soon arrive on a whirlwind visit to India. However, before he takes his highly secure seat next to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Rajpath in New Delhi, here is what the Republic Day chief guest and ‘most powerful man in the world’ is likely to do in the country.

1. Obama will finally say ‘Yes to Bangalore’, and ‘No to Buffalo’.

Obama peers into a call centre. Image Source: Folomojo.com
Obama peers into a call centre.

2. Obama will finally find an agent reliable enough to procure his birth certificate.

"Phew! That's one fewer headache."
“Phew! That’s one headache gone.”

3. Obama got no time for this. Obama got places to be.

"When in India, do as Indians do."
“When in India, do as Indians do.”

4. Obama will miss his favourite burgers and hot dogs.

"But, hey, maybe the theplas will be tasty."
“But, hey, maybe the theplas will be tasty.”

5. Obama will realise roads in India are not quite as clean as they are back home.

"You had me going for a second there!"
“You had me going for a second there!”

6. Obama will learn that Indian leaders, too, have charisma. And that not everyone has taken a vow of silence.

"Modi's stealing my thunder."
“Modi’s stealing my thunder.”

7. Obama will learn that his Secret Service is no match for New Delhi’s traffic.

"I told you to take Janpath!"
“I told you to take Janpath!”

8. Obama will learn not everyone knows who he is.

"Damn, he really doesn't know who I am."
“Wow, he really doesn’t know who I am.”