9 facts about the Hummer ‘beast’ that is shocking Kerala

(Image courtesy: Facebook)

UPDATE:  20-01-2016: Nisham found guilty. Verdict tomorrow

This is the latest Kerala potboiler.

A security guard in Kerala has died after being brutally assaulted by businessman Muhammad Nisham.

The latter reportedly deliberately rammed his Hummer into a 47-year-old security guard, Kuttangal Chandrabose, at his residential complex in Thrissur.

According to a report in OnManorama, Nisham was said to have been furious that the guard had taken too long to open the gate to the luxury residential area.

He then allegedly proceeded to pin the hapless guard against a fountain and beat him with an iron rod.

The guard was on life support for two weeks before succumbing to his injuries. Images of the blood-splattered front of the vehicle were aired on all the news channels. Nisham has since been arrested and charged with murder.

However, this is not the first time that he has had a run in with the law. Here are nine things to know about the perpetrator of the crime that has the country reeling:

1. Known as the ‘Beedi Baron’, multi-millionaire Nisham runs a successful tobacco business in addition to real estate and jewellery businesses in the Middle East. He has allegedly been investigated by the police over his fleet of luxury cars, which include a Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and a Jaguar. His posts on his Facebook page with the profile name Nisham King have drawn angry comments from outraged citizens after this latest crime.

(Image courtesy: Facebook)
(Image courtesy: Facebook)

2. According to leading newspaper Manorama, he is already an accused in 16 criminal cases including for rape and attempted murder.

3. According to a report in the Business Standard, he was involved in a brawl, where he was said to have beaten up another man over a parking spot.

4. Nisham allegedly locked a female constable in his Rolls Royce for having stopped and questioned him.

(Image courtesy: Asianet News via YouTube)
(Image courtesy: Asianet News via YouTube)

5. The Business Standard also reported that he posted abusive comments about a female relative on Facebook

6. Nisham and his wife got into trouble with the police after they posted this video of their 9-year-old son driving a Ferrari. His wife had reportedly said that she was proud of her son and that he had been driving since he was 5 years old.  A case was registered by the Peramangalam police for letting a minor drive and is still under process.

7.Shockingly, that was not the only time the child was allowed to drive around in a car.

8. According to OnManorama, Nisham allegedly used to drive around on a bizarre Rajdoot bike with a replica human skeleton chained to it.

9. His collection of shoes is said to be worth lakhs. The Rs 500,000, snake-skin shoes that he was allegedly wearing when he assaulted the guard has been retained by the police as it is covered in blood.

Nisham reportedly has multiple cases against him but most seem to go nowhere due to ‘lack of evidence’ or the prosecution not being able to press charges. Even in this latest case, the police are said to be trying to build a case under the Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act; however, one will have to wait and see if they find the evidence or if Nisham will walk free again.