#A4Waist—Chinese women show off their paper-thin waists

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A new fitness trend is all the rage in social media. The challenge is to achieve a waist size so small that it wouldn’t be visible when a sheet of A4 paper (21 centimeters wide) is held vertically in front of it.

A lot of women undertook the challenge and posted selfies of their accomplishments on Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter.

Chinese internet users claim that the ultra-slim waist is both healthy and attainable. Many have even posted tips on how to lose weight along with their selfies. However, the new fitness fad was bashed by Instagram and Twitter users for promoting unrealistic body expectations.

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Even Chinese film stars show off their waists!

Yuan Shanshan

Image Courtesy: en.people
Image Courtesy: en.people

Xiong Dailin

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Image Courtesy: en.people

Here’s what the Twitterati had to say:

#A4Waist Nailed it! By the way, as a dad raising 4 kids (2 girls), can we stop the ignorant body image stuff now? pic.twitter.com/i6ME7RcoTY

— Matt Chambers (@WeatherChambers) March 18, 2016