Aarachar: A Thaikkudam video by Bejoy Nambiar

Thaikkudam Bridge image courtesy: thaikkudambridge.com

Cochin based alternative rockers Thaikkudam Bridge has just premiered the new video for a song from their latest album, ‘Navarasam’. The album, touted to be an ennead features 9 songs that span a variety of moods and languages, so to speak.
The launch of the video for the song ‘Aarachar’ was held amidst much fanfare in Mumbai on the 16th of February. There has been quite a bit of online buzz about the new video, and fans have been looking forward to watching it. The video has just been released for viewing online, and it certainly is all that was promised, and more.

Bejoy, lending his vision to the song has chosen to shoot in black and white, the powerful music enchancing the frames and bringing out a balance despite the back-and-white contrast. Aditi looks enchanting, every bit the ‘noir’ as she described the imagery. The band too, have had to depart from their usual colour theme of black and red, given the ideas the director had. Bejoy Nambiar has a penchant for the unconventional, and that is the first impression his work gives you as well, with an air of mystery surrounding the arresting images. The song takes an interesting story-telling sort of approach, and there are very strong motifs representing death scattered throughout the video. The band members rocking in their mundus certainly add to the magic. The song title translates to ‘hangman’, and the song is a commentary on the collective mindset of people today. The stark images reinforce what the song has to say – are we turning into ghosts of our former self? And for those of you who remember the ‘Shaitan’ poster, Bejoy has even managed to get the same frame in.

Navarasam image courtesy: facebook
image courtesy: facebook

The audience is certain to appreciate this new effort at collaboration, and the visual melange it has resulted in. The independent music industry seems to be maturing rapidly – a clear sign of this being the audience growing from accepting these experiments to asking for more and more. The songs in the album have been rapidly gaining popularity and are certain to stay in the spotlight for a while, as will be the case with Bejoy’s video for them.
The malayalam song has been subtitled in English to further its appeal. Watch out for the hangman’s axe!

See the video here:


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