Absolved of all charges, Sreesanth nourishes a dream: Win the 2019 World Cup for India

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After being discharged of all charges in IPL spot-fixing, former Indian pacer Sreesanth is back home to a hero’s welcome. He is keen to resume regular practicing, but there is a hitch. So long as the BCCI ban remains in force, he won’t be able to use any of the facilities or grounds under Kerala Cricket Association. He has no entry to the grounds that moulded him as an ace Indian cricketer. He has requested the BCCI to allow him to play at least club level cricket.

The ball, as they say, is now in BCCI’s court. BCCI has come under fire from Sreesanth fans for its silence and ambivalence on the issue after the court verdict is out. BCCI has banned the highly emotive fast bowler for life for the same charges as those from which he is now absolved by the court. Does BCCI have any additional charges or evidences overlooked by the court so as to uphold the ban on him? Isn’t it against the principles of natural justice to continue the ban even after he is exonerated by the court?, ask Sreesanth fans through postings on social media.

Image courtesy: facebook.com/sreesanth36/
Image courtesy: facebook.com/sreesanth36/

Some even wonder if there are any laws in Indian criminal statute to prosecute match-fixing and spot-fixing. Even the CBI, they say, in its report about the match-fixing scandal in 2000, had observed that only the Prevention of Corruption Act could conceivably be used to prosecute match-fixing.

Another question nagging Sreesanth is : Will the Delhi police go in appeal against the court verdict which could take things back to square one for him. He is hoping against hope that BCCI will eventually lift the ban and then he will once again be able to perform to the best of his ability.

Given a chance, he loves to play in the coming Ranji season. In a media interview, he said: “My dream is to play the 2019 World Cup and win it for the country.”

Amid the gathering clouds, he saw a silver lining when Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy called him after the court verdict is out to say: “Well done Sreesanth, we are proud of you, we believe in you, we are with you.”

Image courtesy: facebook.com/sreesanth36/
Image courtesy: facebook.com/sreesanth36/

Sreesanth doesn’t want to look back to the events that led to his conviction, incarceration and the court cases that dragged on for two-and-a-half years. He feels he is more sinned against than sinning and got involved in the case for no fault of him.

Sreesanth has also got his plans ready in case he is not allowed to play–to get into films and television. He has already opened his innings in the film world by appearing in a few movies. Till the air clears around him, Sreesanth loves to withdraw into the comfort zone of his family comprising a supportive wife, parents and a two-month-old daughter.

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