In video: Craving for some peace of mind? 8 meditation techniques to get there

Do you know that you can make yourself more productive and successful by using the power of your mind?

Do you take time out to reflect on how life might be both more fulfilling and more peaceful?

Meditation is absolutely the best way to make contact with your inner self and realize your fullest potential in every aspect of life.

Surrabhii Kalsi, life coach and meditation expert, shows you eight simple but focussed ways to make the ancient practice of meditation work for you.

So get yourself some comfortable cushions, light some soothing incense, and get going.

Don’t fritter away the limitless power of your mind. Harness your most powerful resource NOW.

1) Good things don’t just happen, we need to will them into happening. So start off by creating positive intentions.

2) Don’t wait for happiness to come into your life. Instead, use your latent energies to reach out and draw happiness into and around you.

3) Your foremost enemies are your own negative thoughts. Banish all negativity with the inner strength you have been gifted.

4) Why cling onto old enmities and resentments when these can only bog you down? Release all that negativity and forgive. You’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel and how much more you can achieve as a result!

5) Do success and happiness come to undeserving people on a sustained basis? Emphatically, no. Help to make yourself deserving enough with the right meditational focus.

6) Often, the body and mind are not yet ready to receive good fortune and prosperity. Meditate to be ready for abundance.

7) Is there something you want very badly?A new relationship, a new job, that exclusive something you’ve been longing to buy? Help it happen by willing it into being with this Manifestation Meditation.

8) Finally, is there something you owe, something that you should rightfully be giving back? Yes, indeed: that something is gratitude. Surrabhii’s final video guides you on how to be grateful, a crucial stage in the meditation and fulfillment cycle.