Adobe will soon allow you to Photoshop even audio files

Image Courtesy: The Next Web

We are all aware about the wonders of photoshop, but guess what? At the Adobe MAX conference in San Diego, California, the company has revealed a new software that pretty much works like a photoshop for audio.

Let’s’ say that you have a audio clip of a person talking, with this software you will be able to add new words that were not originally in the audio. Essentially the software is able to understand a person’s recorded voice and replicate it  with natural sounding results.

Code named Project VoCo, the project which is still under development was demonstrated at the event by Adobe developer Zeyu Jin and it is spectacular. In the demo Jin edits a sentence in his speech, adding a new word to it. The software is able to analyze his voice, include the word into the spoken sentence to deliver a seamless natural sounding result.

Need we say the applications of this can be boundless? Just like photoshop has transformed the way images are edited and created,  Project VoCo can enable audio engineers to polish and clean up audio recordings. But here’s where the problem lies, we have already learnt not to trust images blindly, thanks to Photoshop. Now the same capability being moved to audio can be dangerous, especially when you look in the lines of legal evidences.

The company hasn’t confirmed when the commercial version of the project will be made available. Reportedly, the project is still in development stage and is being worked on by members of Adobe Research in collaboration with Princeton University.