“Alia challenges me and inspires me as an actress”, says Akshara Hassan

Image Credits : Stage 3

‘Shamitabh’ actress Akshara Hassan on Monday revealed that Alia Bhatt has challenged and inspired her as an actress. “I remember watching her since her first movie ‘SOTY’. I love the way she has grown up as an actor. I really respect her for that. It’s beautiful to watch her on-screen,” she said at a press conference held in Mumbai.

The actress further expressed her admiration for Alia and said ,“ She is natural and acts with ease. Kudos for what she has achieved for herself. When I met her, I felt she is a wonderful person…Alia challenges me and inspires me as an actress. If she can do, I would like to do my best as well.“

Image Credits : Zee News
Image Credits : Zee News

Talking about the delay in signing new projects the actress said that she wasn’t fit for the roles she was offered. “I found a lot of soul and emotion in this role. The story is very realistic,” Akshara said as she spoke about her latest film ‘Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana’. The film which is set to release on April 7, is directed by Manish Harishankar.