Amazing cases: Cannabis succeeds where modern medicine fails

Image Courtesy: theweeklyobserver

Cannabis commonly referred to as ‘weed’ maybe illegal in India, but there is no denying the medical benefits it possess. The oil derived from the plant is known to cure cancer and epilepsy among other illnesses.
A cure for cancer 
Dennis Hill, a biochemist, wrote in his blog that tetrahydrocannabinol or THC present in the oil causes a tiny shift in the cancer cell’s mitochondria ultimately destroying it. Several people across the world have claimed that cannabis has helped cure cancer.
Sharon Kelly, an Australian woman, was suffering from terminal stage IV lung cancer. Doctors told her that she had about 6 months to live—or fewer. Just when she’d lost all hope, she discovered that there were several people on the internet who claimed that cannabis oil had cured their cancer. Inspired, she used the oil over the next 7 months. In a video on YouTube, she shows the before and after PET scans—the cannabis oil had killed all the cancerous cells and cured her completely.

Cure for epilepsy 
An Irish woman Yvonne Cahalane’s two-year-old son Tristan was suffering from an incurable form of epilepsy. In an interview with Mirror UK she said that Tristan would have 20 seizures a day. Desperate to find a cure, Cahalane flew her son to the US state of Colorado.
Tristan was subjected to unconventional medical marijuana treatment. In 3 months, Tristan’s seizures completely stopped. Marijuana is still illegal in Ireland and the treatment cannot be made available to Tristan once their visa expires. 
Cahalane filed an online petition on to legalize medicinal marijuana in Ireland. The petition has received close to 3000 signatures.
Cannabis oil is also popularly used to relieve anxiety and stress, skin protection, and to relieve inflammation and chronic pain.

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