Another Nirbhaya Demands Justice

Image Credits : Times of India

A 23-year-old woman’s body was found raped, mutilated and dumped in an empty plot on the outskirts of Rohtak, Haryana. She was reported missing by her family on 9th May and was found on 13th May in a ghastly state with her face and head smashed with a brick and her private parts pierced and cut with sharp-edged objects. A passerby was the first to notice the body, parts of which had been bitten and torn off by stray dogs.

Forensic experts at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Rohtak, issued the result of the post-mortem examination which revealed that the Dalit woman had been savagely gang-raped and that her face had been run over by a vehicle with the intent of disfiguring it to eliminate chances of recognition. The mother was able to identify the victim by her clothes.

According to forensic reports, traces of sedatives had been found in her stomach suggesting that she had been drugged which facilitated the kidnap from Sonipat. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) put together by the Haryana Police arrested 2 of the 8 accused, who in police custody, confessed to the heinous crime, a reliving of the horrors of the 16 December 2012 gang-rape and murder.

The ‘jilted lover’ of the two, according to statements issued by the family of the victim, had been stalking and coercing the victim to marry him. The mother claims that he once threatened her with abuses, in response to which she slapped him and ran home. The family had reportedly lodged a complaint of harassment against the main suspect a while back, which was allegedly unheeded by the police. The Sonipat Superintendent of Police, Ashwin Shenvi countered this accusation of dereliction by claiming that the complainant and her mother had issued a verbal complaint which they then retracted, saying that they had worked out a compromise.

Only a month prior to the incident, the Haryana Government had launched ‘Operation Durga’ to curb incidents of eve-teasing and harassment of women in public. Appalled at the brutality of the crime, Congress President Sonia Gandhi issued the following statement : “This savage and bone-chilling incident has shocked the conscience of the nation, reminding each one of us about the crying need for revisiting the important issue of women’s safety and security,”. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar has said that the case will be tried by a Fast Track Court and that “the guilty would be punished,”.

The recurring incidents of unspeakable atrocities committed against women in parts of the country have us affirming that cows in India feel safer than women.