Apple CareKit SDK could be the new benchmark in healthcare

Image Courtesy: cio

What if you had a place where all your medical records were stored in one place and it could be easily tracked by you and even be shared with a doctor to get a more powerful health and fitness solutions?

Earlier this year, Apple had launched CareKit a new software framework, which was designed for app developers to develop apps for health. These apps can potentially enable patients to track all their medical records, fitness records, medicine intake through their iDevices and even share them with their doctors.

This framework was a product of Apple’s acquisition of Gliimpse an electronic health record database centralization startup.

This would perfectly sit with Apple Watch which is outfitted with a heart rate monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, and water-resistance up to 50 meters for advanced fitness-tracking.  

Although this Apple’s new Healthkit framework is specifically made for the US. Such a capability could have a world wide application. It could especially be beneficial for people, who don’t have easy access to doctors, it could also open doors for immediate medical diagnosis in case of emergencies.

Practo is one such app that enables this in India – It allows you to book appointments, get online diagnosis and even store your health records. There are doctors in the country who have tied up with the app to offer a centralized medical solution. Records of your medical consultation are fed to the app, allowing patients to access them through the phone.

A wearable device such as Apple watch or fitbit could enable real-time health and fitness tracking and map them into centralized record system on cloud.

Now that researchers have already developed apps to study conditions like addiction, arthritis and it is possible that wearable devices could save lives in the future.    

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