Are Sri Reddy’s actions pulling the Spotlight Away from the real Issue?

image: Bollywood Mantra

Actor Sri Reddy garnered national attention when she stripped in front if the Telgu Film Chamber of Commerce in protest of the ‘Casting couch’ culture she alleges is prevalent in the industry.

Allegations such as this have been made in the past but none have caught national attention such as this, for one reason or another.

Attention moved away from the allegations when Sri Reddy verbally assaulted Actor turned Politician, Pawan Kalyan, on Television, which has caused significant backlash, and has ultimately hurt the campaign and the message that Sri Reddy was trying to get across. The spotlight began to shift away from her allegations and toward her actions.

She has been publicly condemned by the ‘Top-Brass’ of the Telgu film industry, and branded an attention-seeker.

To add to all of this, Pawan-Kalyan used this opportunity to lash out politically, blaming three leading Telgu news Networks, and the incumbent Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh of stroking the flames and making the incident of Sri Reddy Verbally Assaulting him way bigger than it was and needed to be.

In the midst of all this rubble, the message itself got perverted. The story became more about Sri Reddy than her message, which needs to be heard. Her initial protest was against what she alleges is  systematic sexual exploitation of women attempting to enter the film industry.

Allegations of sexual exploitation are nothing new in film industries, but on the back of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the ‘#METOO’ movement, the global community as a whole has begun to take notice, and more importantly have begun to say, that they will not stand by and do nothing.

Sri Reddy might not have handled the issue gracefully, but her message stands clear, its time to stand up to exploitation and say, enough.