Army chief Dalbir Singh highlights increased activity at borders, asks forces to be more vigilant

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The chief of army staff (COAS) of the Indian Army General Dalbir Singh on Wednesday said that the Indian forces have to be more vigilant as intelligence revealed news about a neighbouring country accummulating its forces on its borders with India.

Without naming any country, Singh said that the neighbouring country was engaged in a proxy war with the help of non-state actors. “There is the need to be vigilant across borders as neighbouring country is indulging in proxy war with the help of non-state actors and accumulating its forces at the borders,” an official release quoted Singh.

While addressing the Higher Defence Management course’s valedictory programme at the College of Defence Management in Secunderabad, Singh stressed the need for the Indian Army to be more vigilant at the borders at this juncture.

Singh added that there has be a considerable amount of progress in the process of modernising the Indian Army. Old and obsolete machinery and equipment are now being replaced with modern ones.

“General Singh has pointed out that the national security environment has become challenging due to its complexity and unpredictability,” an official statement quoted Singh. He noted the considerable drop in violence in north-east India and some other regions as people there wanted to live in peace.

Singh praised the course and said that it would help the participating officers to make the right decision and take positive action.

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