Arnab throws out panelist from Newshour for insensitive comment on women

Image ourtesy: youtube

Times Now editor Arnab Goswami was seasoned by constant public criticism which received over the course time. Mostly for his arrogance against people who hold a different opinion than his own.

He has also drawn flak for not allowing his opponents to speak during the Times Now run debate – Newshour.

However, this time his arrogance has truly gained him some brownie points. He threw out one of his reputed guests from the studio floor for making insensitive remarks on the social status of women. As usual he did not take the bullshit and this time he got flipped.

The debate topic was on “Muslim bodies scared of public opinion?” on the backdrpop of ‘Triple Talaq’ controversy. The issue was raised as the Indian government is calling on the Supreme Court to declare the practice of “divorce by talaq talaq talaq” – and polygamy unconstitutional.

After his guest retired ACP Shamsher Pathan ;personally’ attacked his female panelists, the Times Now boss asked him to leave the studio.
Pathan made a rather insensitive remark about how men are tolerating women enough at hom
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