As the Hype Around Bieber Dissipates…

Image Credits : Daily Mirror

On May 10, DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai thronged with thousands of bodies in tees bearing their favorite pop sensation’s image. ‘Bieber Fever’ was running rampant, cranking up the temperature and adding to the sweltering summer heat. Enthused teenage Beliebers had been queueing up since 8 in the morning at the venue, all pumped up to witness Justin Bieber’s long-awaited debut live concert in India as part of his Purpose World Tour.

At 8 pm, the limelight exploded onto stage to reveal JB in his white Belieber tee and casual shorts, immediately getting off on the wrong foot with some fans who remarked disappointedly on the neglect that was evident in his appearance; perhaps, he could have managed a tad more effort. From there, things seemed to go downhill with our young Pop Star, the most upsetting being the lip-syncing blunder that had some parents wondering why on earth they had shelled out superfluous amounts of money on behalf of their star-struck teens, up to an eye-popping 76000 INR, to hear recordings of Bieber’s music, which they could’ve comfortably provided at home on Youtube without the heat and the sweaty effervescence of the masses that flooded the stadium. Apparently, he lip-synced 8 of the 12 tracks that were performed, barely making an attempt to appear authentic, which sent the Twitterati on a mud-sling spree, hurling jests and dissatisfied feedback alike at the cavalier and subpar show that was put up for fans, some of whom had traveled miles across the country just to watch the ‘Sorry’ Star perform. The most optimistic of the audience couldn’t help but notice the unvaried vocals when he covered his face with a towel while pretending to sing, a benighted lapse on his part.

The concert was allegedly ill-organized, as reported to Firstpost, with the food stalls located outside shamelessly extorting the concert-goers, selling mere bottles of water at an exorbitant minimum rate of Rs.100, which they then had to empty before entering the stadium as food and water were prohibited inside. The restrooms available were inadequate to accommodate the large number, dirty and badly maintained. The post-performance scenario was just as pathetic, with scarce cab sevices charging exponential rates than the standard, delaying the exhausted and some very annoyed fans their return home.

All in all, while some chose to analyze the technical nitty-gritties of the experience, some other die-hard fans loyally sang his praises, posting Snapchat stories and Instagram photos, refusing to let the cynicism cut through their devotion as Beliebers.

Mention must be made of Bieber being at his charitable best as he met up with underprivileged children residing in the slums of Mumbai as soon as he landed, and distributing free tickets to some of them whom he especially invited on stage to a welcoming applause from the audience.


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