Barack Obama to take up acting after his presidential tenure?

Image courtesy: Facebook

Yup! That’s our advice since he doesn’t know what to do post his retirement. All he needs to do is fine-tune his acting chops! He’s definitely got some! The US president appeared in a hilarious spoof retirement video which was made a full eight months before he leaves the office. 

In the spoof video posted on the White House’s Facebook page, Obama enacts how he would spend his days following his stand down as the president in January, 2017. In his efforts to chillax, he goes from being commander-in-chief to the ‘Couch Commander’.

With his feet up on the 130-year-old resolute desk, Obama contemplates—a future dry and unentertaining.

And after eight years of being chauffeured in his armoured limo ‘The Beast’, he returns to the Department of Motor Vehicles to retake his driving test. However, the clerk, who takes the service rather seriously, demands Obama’s proof of identity. Wink . . . wink! A jab at the long-running conspiracy theory over his place of birth. The controversy had earlier led the President to publish his birth certificate in 2011.

“It’s real,” says Obama.

The clerk replies, “Is it?”. The President insists it’s the real deal and she simply adds, “But is it?”

He even puts aside his differences with the former House of Representatives speaker John Boehner to watch Toy Story and swap notes on retirement. Boehner passes on a very important piece of information—McDonalds serves breakfast all day!

Image courtesy: facebook
Image courtesy: Facebook


Boehner even tempts Obama with a cigarette. Of course, he doesn’t pick one up. Here’s another light jab at the rumour-mongers—stories were allegedly made up about how Obama had broken his vow last year to never smoke again. 

And guess what he finally settles down for? His favourite past-time—playing golf. Ahem! For the entire year. Now that would be something!

Image courtesy: Facebook
Image courtesy: Facebook


The video has over 10 million views!

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