Battle for Delhi: When India questions Kejriwal

Image source: IANS

As the battle for Delhi rages, the BJP has fired off five questions to the AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal. The ruling party has promised to ask five new questions every day until the battle is is joined on February 7.

The issue has set the social media on fire. Many have entered the fray with their own questions, some acerbic, others funny.

The first lot of questions posed by the BJP on Thursday: 

1. Why did Arvind Kejriwal take the support of the Congress despite having promised not to take its support earlier?

2. Why didn’t Kejriwal fulfill his promise of ordering a probe against Sheila Dikshit?

3. Why did he accept Z+ security when he was CM?

4. He travelled to his swearing-in by Metro; so why does he now use SUVs for work?

5. Kejriwal had said that travelling in private jets is against his principles. Why did he then travel in a private jet?

Following this, the hashtag #QuestionsToKejriwal went viral on Twitter today.

We bring you a snapshot of the comments