Bengaluru: BMTC to soon launch 150 electric buses in the city

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation’s (BMTC’s) board launched India’s first ever electric bus in the city, back in February 2014. After quite the delay citing high costs, it will finally will launching full scale service with a fleet of 150 electric buses.

With this Bengaluru will become the first ever city in India to use these many electric public transport buses.

“The board of the BMTC on Friday gave an in-principle clearance to induct the electric buses. Electric buses are the future of mass transit. We are not in a position to rely on fossil fuels in the long run. The electric buses are pollution-free and the maintenance and mechanical costs involved in operating these buses is very less compared to that of petro-diesel vehicles,”

BMTC managing director, Ekroop Caur, told Bangalore Mirror

The trial bus that was launched in 2014, is estimated to have cost Rs. 2.9 crore. However, the operational cost is about Rs. 7 per km, opposed to Rs 18 per km cost of diesel busses.

“we are seeking financial aid from the Central government to induct the electric buses. Two years ago, when the first electric bus was started on trial runs, the cost was very high. Now the electric buses are being manufactured in the country and we hope that we will get electric buses at a competitive price. In the Western countries, petro-diesel buses are being replaced by electric buses; even China is inducting electric buses in large numbers,” said caur.   

The BMTC has also included infrastructure costs in its proposal, which includes setting up  battery rechargeable points and well-equipped workshops.

According to a study by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), every diesel bus replaced by an electric alternative will carbon dioxide emission by 25 tonnes annually. At the same time, the average daily profits of operating an electric bus was Rs 10,393 compared to Rs 5,692 for a diesel bus, the study indicated.

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