Bengaluru job portal looking to hire professional Pokemon catchers

Image Courtesy: gamespot

The Pokemon Go so big right now that it is competing with Twitter in terms of daily active users. Looking for virtual creatures has become a new obsession of a lot of people, but what if this could actually be a career choice?

Babajob, a Bengaluru based job portal has announced it’s new job category ‘Pokemon Catcher’. The advertisement claimed to be looking for candidates with extensive knowledge of the game to build a team of exceptional Pokeman catchers.

“Physical fitness is a must, since the role involves running around town to catch them all. Candidate must be adept at training Pokemon and prior exposure to Pokemon gym battles,” the ad said.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game which uses your phone’s GPS and camera to place creatures in areas around you. The creatures appear on your phone  screen and you will have to capture them. Depending on the place and time you are at, you will be able to catch different and more types of Pokemon. The idea behind game was to encourage people to travel around the world.

The best part is the game is free to play and is available on both android and iOS.

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