British World War II hero set to marry ex-fiancee 70 years after their split

Image courtesy: Caters News and Mail Online

Roy Vickerman, a British World War II hero, split up with his fiancee Nora Jackson due to war-related trauma. Now that both Roy (90) and Vickerman (89) have both lost their respective partners, they decided to rekindle the lost romance and marry.

Reportedly, Vickerman met Nora in 1940 and got engaged in 1946. Vickerman fell ill due to the war and did not marry Nora at the time. Time passed and both settled down with their new partners. But fate had other plans.

After Vickerman lost his partner he traced the whereabouts of his ex-fiancee. What was astonishing was that Nora, who had lost her partner too, lived just two miles away from his residence. On his 90th birthday, Vickerman popped the question and Nora happily obliged.

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