Canned mountain air from Canada will soon be available in India!

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As the pollution levels soar in Indian metro cities, a Canadian company has found its ‘greenest’ pasture yet to sell the canned mountain fresh air. Yes! Remember? India is one of the most polluted countries in the world and New Delhi is ranked number one in WHO’s list of places containing foul air. China had earlier launched the product owing to the high smog levels in its major cities.

The Canadian company called Vitality Air is all set to sell bottled, freshly packaged air from a national park in Alberta. The product will be sold in three litre and eight litre cans at Rs 1,450 and Rs 2,800 respectively. That’s some price to pay for fresh air. 

The same company had made headlines in 2015, when it rolled out the product to the highly polluted cities in China. The company has reportedly shipped 12,000 pieces to those cities and its customers included pregnant mothers, corporate executives and students preparing for examinations. 

“The product consists of compressed air, breathed in through a mask, and comes in two flavours—Banff and Lake Louise. Banff in Alberta is a national park and a popular resort,” founder of Vitality Air Moses Lam was quoted by Hindustan Times.

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