CES 2015: Beyond smartphones, mind-blowing devices that caught our attention!

CES 2015 held in Las Vegas, USA, exhibited incredible devices that are not just smartphones and smartwatches. Here are eight launches including high tech cars, 3D printers, fitness devices that will blow your mind.


  1. Elio – a three wheel car
3Wheel Car
Source: Eliomotors

American manufacturer Elio Motors unveiled a three-wheeled two-seater vehicle, which is focussed at fuel efficiency, safety and affordability. Interestingly, Elio comes with two front wheels, and one back wheel.

Elio consumes around 2.8 litres per 100 kilometre and can run to a highest speed of around 170km/h. The Elio costs $6,800 and is available for pre-order. It is expected to ship in the second quarter of the year.

  1. High-tech Self-driving cars
Source: www.digitalspy.co.uk

Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other premium carmakers exhibited self-driving cars during the event. Audi did an experiment by sending an A7-based self-driving prototype on a 550-mile journey from the San Francisco to Las Vegas. According to the Audi executives, the car made the journey without any accident.

Meanwhile, BMW exhibited i3 electric car that could find a parking place on its own. A BMW smartwatch app controlled this car. Hyundai, Volkswagen and other makers showed similar self-driving vehicles.

  1. The Finsix Dart: World’s smallest laptop charger
The Finsix Dart
Source: finsix.com/dart/

Finsix displayed Dart, the world’s smallest laptop charger that it has created. Dart weighs 60 grams and comes with nine switchable DC connectors to support different types of laptops. However, MacBooks and the Microsoft Surface are not in the list yet. The device is available for pre-order for $89 in US.

  1. The LulzBot Mini 3D printer
Mini 3D Printer
Source: www.lulzbot.com

On the first day of International CES 2015, Aleph Objects displayed a consumer-friendly 3D Printer that functions off a single laptop – LulzBot Mini.

Aleph Objects said that the 3D Printer is an open source product, and that it has made public the steps of the development. The printer will ship at the end of January 2015 for $1,350 in US.

  1. Fitbit: Health devices that notify calls
Source: www.fitbit.com

Fitbit has launched two new wrist wearables called the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge at the CES.

The charge HR tracks workouts, heart rate, distance and calories burned and it also monitors sleep. The device syncs wirelessly the stats to your smartphones and computers. Apart from being a timepiece, it notifies calls and shows caller ID. The Charge HR gives a 5-day battery life.

Meanwhile, Fitbit Surge comes with a bigger display. Apart from doing all that Charge HR does, Surge lets you control music. The Charge HR costs $150, while the Surge smartwatch costs $250.

  1. Petcube: Play with pets using smartphone.
Source: petcube.com

Petcube, a pet products company, exhibited an interactive pet monitor called Petcube Camera. Through this device, owners can watch, talk and play with their pets from anywhere using smartphones. The company offers iOS and Android apps to connect with the device.

The Petcube comes with a built-in camera, a laser and a speaker. While the camera captures an entire room, pets can hear their owners through its speaker. The device will be available from February for $199.

  1. Pacif-i: A smart pacifier for your baby
Source: bluemaestro.com

Pacif-i is a smart pacifier device from BlueMaestro’s that measures the temperature of a toddler using it. The stat is passed on to its smartphone app that is available for Android or iPhone. Moreover, parents can add medical information in the app.

Pacif-i comes with a built-in tracker, meaning you never lose it. The device costs $40 and is available for pre-order on the company website.

  1. Poloroid Zip: A pocket photo printer
polaride printer
Source: polaroid.com/zip-instant

The Polaroid Zip is a pocket photo printer, which lets you take photos of size 2×3-inch. Using its free app, you can connect your Android or iPhone to the device via Bluetooth.

In the app, you can add filters, frames and stickers to your photos. The Polaroid Zip weighs 186 grams and is priced at $130.