Cool things one can do on Google search!

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We’re sure you know a few already. But here are 10 cool things you can do on Google search!

Set a timer

Image courtesy: Google

Google will count down and sound an alarm at the end!

Compare foods for nutritional value

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One can compare calorific and nutritional values of two foods! 

Play Zerg Rush

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All you need to do in the game is destroy the Os before they destroy rest of the page!

Name a set of numbers

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This one’s for all those who are mathematically challenged!

Play Atari Breakout

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The game’s similar to DX-Ball and more thrilling to play when your boss isn’t looking!

Know when the sun rises and sets

It can give you the exact times for sunrise and sunset.
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How cool is this?!

Get results only from a targeted site

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Follow ‘site:’ with the site’s name and phrase to derive search results specific to the website. 

Google barrel roll

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Key in the words ‘do a barrel roll’, and the page does a full 360 degree turn before returning to the original position.

Google tilt

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Oh . . . for the heck of it, for a change, for fun! Simply key in ‘askew’ to work on a tilted page.

Solve Trigonometry problems 

10 Things You Never Knew Google Could Do For You
Image courtesy: Gizbot

Your new Maths tutor!

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