‘Coz I have a Vagina Re’- AIB’s Hilarious Take on Sexism with Kangana Ranaut

Have you watched the latest video of AIB featuring Kangana Ranaut that takes a bold dig at sexism in Bollywood? Well, it’s totally worth a watch.

The entire video is filled with taunts, sarcasm and hilarious takes on the male oriented film industry. The video starts with Kangana receiving her script on a toilet roll and having an argument with the director about her dialogues that doesn’t make any sense. The director fails to even understand who she is when she says, “female lead”. The hero is later seen entering in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham Style and the a** kissing director goes gaga over him.

Every line hits the bull’s eye. When she questions, she is taunted as a “diva”, the hero threatens to change her when she goes all excited and finally does that in a jiffy! (can’t stop laughing when the director doesn’t notice it) From Salman Khan to Hrithik Roshan, no one has been spared. It is jibed that its ‘almost paedophilia’ when her co-stars are much older than her. She also mentions about an actor who was launched by his father, who taunts her saying that she is playing a victim, as she openly talked about things. The Hrithik-Kangana controversy has not left us anything to imagine here!


Karan Johar, one of the celebrities whom Kangana had a spat with, tweeted reply to this video: