Decoding the Tamil Maami: From Mylapore to mallipoo

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Tamil Maamis are a rare, but super easy breed to decode. You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to pin point their peculiar characteristics.  From the narrow lanes of Mylapore to the super-highways of New Jersey, you will find them everywhere.

Their well-plaited hair adorned with mallipoo (jasmine flowers), their larger than life pottu (bindi) and their ever increasing collection of Kanchipuram sarees cannot go unnoticed. However, there is more to this unique Maami.

Here’s a look at a few typical ‘Tamil Maamis’ you are likely to encounter sometime in your life

1. The horoscope Google Maami

Their search mode is always on, and why? It’s obviously for a bride or groom for her son or daughter. What’s more, if her child is settled in America then the algorithm goes to another level altogether. Be it another wedding or any family function, mind you, the discussion will be incomplete without her mention of nakshatrams and gothrams (birth stars) of her children.

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2. Vellai Dosai (White Dosa) Maami

With this lady around, you can expect a treat! Sit to have her soft and milky white dosas, and be prepared to never get off your seat. But, if you are the one making the dosa, then watch out, even a hint of brown would mean the end of the world for you.

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3. US Visa Maami

Just utter New York or California or any other American city’s name in this Maami’s presence and gear up for an unending saga of her experiences in the United States of America.  For all you know she might even try selling her green card holder son as a prospective you know what!

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4. Temple Run Maami – Level Infinity

For this Maami, a temple might exist even on Mars! Be it Chennai or Mumbai or London or Wisconsin, this Maami is either visiting a temple or at least discussing about her favourite God! If you are anywhere close to her, be prepared, because you might just get dragged along on a visit!

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5. Sale-o-Sale, Aadi Sale Maami

She is solely responsible for turning around the fortunes of famous saree stores like Pothy’s, Nallis, Chennai Silks. Believe it or not, the word ‘sale’ is enough for her to shop till she drops. After all,  she dare not repeat the saree she wore for any of the previous functions attended!

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6. Jasoos (detective) Maami

Our very own interrogation Maami will even give the famous Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. If you fall in her trap, you will wish Interpol caught hold of you rather! Around her, be prepared for – Whom are you talking to? Is something transpiring between the two of you? Are you going to marry him/her? and so on. Uff! You will get tired of responding, but this Maami’s battery never drains.

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7. Decoding the pin-code Maami

Unfortunately, she knows it all about her locality. She will without hesitation tell you which vegetable vendor in the area sells the best and the cheapest greens. Sigh! all your hideouts are busted in this case. Watch out!

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8. Slam-dunk Maami

No, basketball ain’t her favourite sport. But, she loves to boast about her ‘gold-medal-holder child’ and in turn put you or your children down to a level of the dungeons. Beware of having lunch with this lady, because you might just have to sacrifice your curd rice serving and instead run for your life!

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9. Pramadhama (awesome) Maami

This is one lady we all would love to be around. Her warm smile, pleasant personality and energy will put any teenage girl to shame. She will graciously serve you her special pal-payasam and even force you to have a couple of servings more. She is obviously the kind of Maami you wouldn’t mind bumping into. Hey, but wait. The odds are as bright as chicken biryani being cooked in a TamBrahm household!

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