Dhoni’s ‘stand-up’ comedy, caught on stump mic!

Source: Live Images
Saket Parekar

Shikhar Dhawan’s spectacular hundred was certainly the most memorable part of India’s thrashing of Ireland in their fifth game at the World Cup.

But what also caught our eye (and our ear) during that dominant display was MS Dhoni’s amusing shouts from behind the stumps throughout the Irish innings.

The Indian skipper was handing out pointers and words of encouragement to his bowlers and at times, even taking sarcastic, yet funny jibes at some of his fielders.

The pick of the lot were his sharp remarks directed at Ambati Rayudu. Here’s what the skipper had to say to the substitute fielder: ‘Rayudu, jaag ke jara. Uska pair dekh kaise hil raha hain. Uske hisaab se anticipate kar. Volleyball ki tarah khada hua hain beach pe.’

Here’s a rough translation: ‘Rayudu, stay alert. Watch his (the Irish batsman’s) feet movement, and anticipate accordingly. Don’t just stand there as if you’re in a beach volleyball game.’

Here’s the full compilation of MSD’s hilarious verbal show against Ireland.

This isn’t the first time MSD’s sharp wits have been caught on the stump microphone. The Indian skipper, although known for his cool temperament, is still one of the most vocal members on the field and his funny remarks often crack up his mates and lighten up the atmosphere.

Here are a few examples from the past.

During the 2014 T20 WC game against Australia

MSD asks Jadeja to bowl a slow one, even if that comes at the risk of conceding a six. ‘Dheere daal, ek chakka kha ke dikha,’ says the skipper.

Targeting Jadeja, Pujara and Sreesanth during a Test match against New Zealand.

MSD asks Sir Jadeja to bowl according to the field in his own quirky way, saying ‘Pujara ko idhar fielding ke liye rakha hain, taali bajane ke liye nahin.’ Roughly translated as, ‘Pujara is here to field, not to clap.’

Soon afterwards, he takes on Sreesanth, asking him to stand closer in a hilarious manner. ‘Sree, jara paas aa jao, girlfriend nhin khadi hain udhar,’ the skipper is heard saying.

Here are a few more funny things Captain Cool has said from behind the stumps.