Did NASA hear from outer space?

Image courtesy: folomojo

Have you ever wondered whether we are alone in the universe or say multiverse? Have you ever wondered how a civilization may react to the crisis of mass extinction? 

A scientifically evolved alien civilization similar to ours may have yearned for interstellar help during its doomsday!

According to reports, scientists from the US space agency NASA had claimed to have intercepted a mathematical radio communication that emanated from our nearest galactic neighbour Andromeda in 1998.

Reportedly, Earth received the message after nearly 80,000 years since it was first generated from an unidentified source in Andromeda.

Radio astronomers and language experts back in the nineties reportedly dubbed the complex mathematics-based message as a ‘frantic plea for help’.

In the past, noted Russian space scientist Dr Viktor Kulakov led a United Nations research team from a state-operated observatory 50 miles north-west of Moscow to interpret more details from the received message.

Dr Kulakov told the science journal Universe that the signal emanated from a point beyond the galaxy nearest to our own and was sent by beings that had apparently developed into a civilization that was no more advanced than our own here on Earth.

“The simple fact that we received and decoded the message proves beyond any doubt that their knowledge and technology were, at the very best, within our reach,” Weekly World News quoted Dr Kulakov.

“And while there are years of study ahead of us, I can say with certainty that the death of their civilization was not the result of some cosmic catastrophe. It was the result of the civilization turning on itself, possibly with devastating nuclear weaponry,” he added.

Dr Kulakov, however, hadn’t divulged the transcripts of the received messages to any publications. But he added that the message contained “Help us” and also pinpointed the exact location of the doomed planet.

“There was quite a lucid account of apocalyptic devastation, hellish explosions, widespread death and terminal illnesses,” he said.

“Whatever it was, they apparently had no means to evacuate the remaining population. Interplanetary space travel was available to them, but only on a very limited level. The message makes it very clear that they were trapped in their world,” said Dr Kulakov to the Weekly World News.

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