“Did you get my laptop?” Calls out passenger on-board crashed Emirates!

Image courtesy: Facebook

When the Emirates flight crash landed in Dubai on Wednesday, passengers on-board, were reportedly more focused on how to get out with their baggage instead of getting the hell out of the plane which was already engulfed by flames!

A video from aboard the flight appeared in social media hours after the accident took place. The video in which people are visibly frantic and rushing to get out, a man is heard calling out in Malayalam: “Laptop edutho? (Did you get my laptop?)”

Nothing more to say about that!

With 275 passengers onboard, an Emirates’s Boeing 777  jet flying from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala had crash-landed at the Dubai International Airport on its belly, and images showed thick black smoke rising into the sky.

Passengers disregarded the warning to evacuate quickly by scampering and obstructing the ways for collect their baggage on their way on out!

One firefighter died while trying to rescue all 300 passengers and crew from the gutted plane.

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