Eight Muslim youths performed the last rites of a Hindu man

Image courtesy: deccanchronicle.com

Apathy towards fellow human beings has been becoming a norm in our society off-late.

Take the case of Odisha man who carried his wife’s corpse on his bare shoulders after denied an ambulance service or about the three other similar case which followed.

All of these happened in the last couple of weeks, we should remember.

What ever it may look to be, the innate beauty of kindness and compassion will never fade away. It will remain so long as we continue to exist. And this group of Muslim youths from Mumbra in Thane exemplified those virtues of human kind after all.

They carried out the funeral rites of a Hindu man who passed away in the night in Kausa. These eight Muslim youths took charge of the situation when they realized that there was nobody to do the last rites of 65-year-old Waman Kadam .

According to reports, they purchased all necessary ritualistic items like bamboo, rope, earthen pots, incense sticks as well as cloth and a thatched mat.

The youths then carried his body to the crematorium at around 3 am and performed the last rites.

Applauding their kind gesture, Mumbra-Kalwa MLA Jitendra Awhad posted their story in Facebook. They were also praised by residents of Muslim dominated Mumbra.

The MLA shared two pictures accompanying his post and wrote: “This happens now also …hatred does not work …it’s a everyday story in Mumbra all about #brotherhood”.

The youths were identified as Khalil Pawne, Fahad Dabir, Nawaz Dabir, Rahil Dabir, Shaban Khan, Maqsood Khan, Farooque Khan, Mohammad Kasam Shaikh.

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