Fart-finding robot in China wins Pineapple Prize for Physics

Image Courtesy: Facebook

“Pineapple Prize” is a popular award in China, organised annually by the local science publication Guokr.com, given to outstanding technology-based ideas.

But how ridiculous is this?! The winner of the Pineapple Prize 2016 in Physics is Li Ji-Gong of Tianjin University for inventing a device that can identify the culprit who FARTED in a room. Yes! You heard it right. You no longer need to play the pointing game to know who broke wind—the device would do it for you.

While it is one of the most amusing devices to own, it maybe terrifying to be subjected to!

DNA reports that according to Ji-Gong (the co-author of the paper) the autonomous robot uses an algorithm based on particle filters to look for ‘odour plume clues’ and when it finds one, the robot digs a little deeper to find the source, all in real time.

But, on a serious note, this device need not only be used to detect farts. The applications of this device may belong to broader spectrum—the robot can be used to detect gas leaks in industrial plants or even replace drug sniffer dogs.

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