Five times Kamal Haasan proved he’s Kollywood’s king of controversy

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He’s done it again. Kamal Haasan finds himself in the midst of a controversy after he called out the Tamil Nadu government for corruption. But this super-talented actor and outspoken man is no stranger to controversy, as you’ll see.

Blamed for Bigg Boss

Kamal Haasan’s allegation of corruption in the government has, as is to be expected, sent various politicians into a tizzy. Ministers have been quick to turn on him and are targeting his latest assignment as host of Tamil Bigg Boss, calling it anti-culture. Well!

Much ado about the Mahabharata

In March this year, Kamal again found himself in an epic spot of trouble. The Hindu Munani Katchi, a right wing group, took serious objection to his remark that Indians were giving lot of respect to a book that highlighted the fact that a woman was a pawn in a gambling episode. The perceived insult to the Mahabharata became a maha issue.

An issue that assumed a ‘viswaroopam’

In 2013 things got well and truly out of hand and Kamal threatened he would quit India and go seeking artistic freedom elsewhere. It was all about his mega production Viswaroopam. First, the Hindu Munnani Katchi accused him of using a Sanskrit title for a Tamil film. Then theatre owners rallied against him because Kamal wanted to release the film on DTH.

Villain of the piece

His 2015 film Uttama Villain also caused a controversy. When the first look was released there were allegations that it was a copy of a work by a French photographer. The right-wingers later joined in and wanted a stay on the film because one of the songs, Iraniyan Naadagam, written by Kamal, was offensive to Vishnu devotees.

The last word

The 2010 film Manmadhan Ambu also ran into trouble because of a song written by lyric. Kamal Kavidhai was considered ‘vulgar’ by some groups. The producers got cold feet and removed the song from the film which also starred Kamal.