Four-year-old ‘wonder kid’ from UP enters class nine!

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Ananya Verma  is sister of Sushma Verma from Uttar Pradesh. Their father is an assistant supervisor of sanitation at a university.

Ananya like her siblings is too a child prodigy. At just 4 years of age, she has secured admission in the 9th standard in a Lucknow school.

At a time when normal kids are still learning to to write the alphabets and beginner-words, this four-year-old is mastering simultaneous linear equations and trigonometry!

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Also, she can speak fluent Hindi and reads 9th standard textbooks easily. After getting permission from the state department of education, she has secured admission in St Meera’s Inter College in Lucknow.

Ananya’s sister Sushma secured admission into a PhD program when she was just 15. And her brother cleared BCA when he was 14.

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At present Sushma holds the record of “the youngest student to pass class X”.

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Ananya’s school authorities call her a wonder kid. And if this little one maintains her pace, she will clear her 10th grade before she is turns seven and thus making a new record.

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