France passes new law that allows employees to ignore emails after work hours

Image Courtesy: Personnel Today

France has passed a new law, according to which workers have the provision to not respond to emails from their boss after work hours.

Yup the “right to disconnect” law gives employees the legal right to ignore work related emails after work hours. The law applies to companies that have more than 50 employees. It is part of the French government’s effort to work-related stress in it’s citizens.

France has a 35 hour work week and supporters of the law claimed that certain employees are working overtime responding to mails, while they remain unpaid for the extra hours.

The law was inspired by a similar policy implemented French telecom Orange from last year. One of the biggest risks is the balance of a private life and professional life behind this permanent connectivity,” Bruno Mettling, director general of Orange, on a popular radio channel.

“Professionals who find the right balance between private and work life perform far better in their job than those who arrive shattered.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if such a rule is passed in India?