From the high seas to crowded streets – INS Vikrant lives on.

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Bajaj has brought an interesting turn to a new product line it just launched. Buying the BajajV, a new tourer bike that has just been launched is not just about buying another bike. It will be about owning something unique, taking pride in being Indian, and paying homage to the brave souls that guard our shores.

Why, you ask? When you buy the BajajV, you’re gaining posession of a bike that has been made with metal that was once part of the famed INS Vikrant! India’s first aircraft carrier, which was once the pride of the Indian naval fleet, was eventually decommissioned and later assigned for scrapping. The once mighty carrier that housed aircrafts ranging from Sea hawks to Harriers, will now form the heart of these road tourers for Bajaj. The company hopes that their new product will appeal to bikers and heritage enthusiasts alike, given the metal from the navy carrier that is being used to fashion it.

The bike has been positioned as an urban tourer, and will appeal to biking enthusiasts who are looking for a comfortable yet sturdy rider for the city. It will be powered by the 150cc DTSi engine from Bajaj, and is likely to be priced at around sixty thousand. Those interested should be able to buy one after the first quarter of 2016.

So don’t be surprised if you also hear the waves calling out as you cruise down the roads on your BajajV!

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