Fungus found in Pepsi: Sales of a batch stopped in Kerala capital


Food safety department of Kerala banned sales of a batch of carbonated soft drinks – Pepsi in Thiruvananthapuram after finding contamination in one of the sealed packs.

The office of Food Safety Commissioner have informed Pepsi company representative about the about ban.

Contamination was found in a two liter bottle of Pepsi which was bought from a Canteen Stores Department (CSD) of military at Pangode in Thiruvananthapuram. The person who bought the soft drink informed food safety department about the contamination.

Food safety officials confiscated the sample and banned the sales of Pepsi bottles which came under that particular batch. The department confirmed fungus infection inside the bottle that was bought from Pangode CSD.

Prima facie observation by the department reveals that the infection was caused due to a damaged seal on the bottle.

“Sales of a specific batch has been ordered to stop. We have informed Pepsi about the issue through a notice,” Joint commissioner of food safety, D Sivakumar told ‘Folomojo‘.

However, he added that there will not be any further investigation in this regard.

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