Galaxy S7 hit by the exploding disease too?

Image Courtesy: Elisha Loewen Google+

Problems for Samsung almost seem to never end. After the issue of Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames, which forced them to discontinue the sales and production of the product and recall the devices that were sold, the problem might have traveled to Samsung’s other smartphones as well.

There have been quite a few reports about Galaxy S7 and S7 edge units catching fire. The latest case being reported from Canada. Android Headlines reports that a user by the name of Elisha Loewen posted a picture of his charred up Galaxy S7 edge  on Google+. He claimed that the phone caught fire, while he was travelling back home from his work.

“I smelled something burning and thought it was my engine then I notice smoke coming from my console under my radio where I keep my phone. I picked it up and it was extremely hot, then threw it out the car window. I pulled over and covered it in snow to snuff the flame,” he wrote.    

Fortunately, the user was unharmed by it and he has approached Samsung along with the images of the exploding phone. The company is yet to reply to his complaint.

In another incident which happened last month, a US based construction worker Daniel Ramirez experienced severe burns, when his two-month-old Samsung Galaxy S7 edge device exploded in his pocket. Ramirez sued Samsung in New Jersey for this.

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