Google wants to help people with suicidal thoughts, here’s how?

Image Courtesy: Google

A lot can be said about a person  from his or her browsing habits. It can reveal information about their moods and state of health. Scientists are working towards identifying users who are at risk of suicide based on their browsing patterns, so they can informed on where to find help.

Now, Google has already responding to search queries that hint that the user might be contemplating suicide, by drawing their attention to suicide prevention services and counselling.

There have been several studies that suggest  that people who are looking to take their own lives can be influenced otherwise by reminding them of the help resources.  

Try and search “how to commit suicide” on Google. The search engine will immediately prompt  contact detail of Aasra is a Mumbai-based charitable suicide-prevention organisation that has 24/7 helpline.

But here is where Google and other search engines fail, the search queries are not always very direct. There was a study that showed that only 25% of the suicide queries led to the Google suicide prevention result.

According to a study by World Health Organization (WHO) a person dies every 40 seconds by committing suicide.

Scientists are looking for ways to make search engines more optimal in identifying people at risk and to effectively target remedial information to them.