Guess the passengers on-board Juno veering to Jupiter’s orbit?

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And oh just so you know. There are passengers in NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter ! Not one but three!

Wondering what the heck? Yes that true and here’s the know who.

They are the Greek god Jupiter himself, his sister and wife – Juno and celebrated Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei who made important discoveries about the planet giant in the year 1615.

Image courtesy: Twitter
Image courtesy: Twitter

The robotic spacecraft of NASA has the LEGO limited edition figurines of these three unusual passengers.

The figurines are made of aluminium instead of plastic so that they can with stand the extreme flight conditions in unrelenting Jupiter-neighborhood.

Additionally, a plaque dedicated to Galileo provided by the Italian Space Agency is also aboard.

Check the 360 degree animated view of Juno’s future fly in Jupiter’s orbit

The Juno probe is due to reach the gas giant on July 4 after a five-year, 1.4 billion-mile journey from Earth.

No previous spacecraft has orbited so close to Jupiter, although two others have been sent plunging to their destruction through the gas giant’s lethal atmosphere.

Once it arrives it will orbit the planet for 20 months, flying around the planet 37 times before falling into the planet as its mission ends in February 2018.

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