Guess what makes this Rajni-starrer teaser so exciting?

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The festivities went a notch higher on Ganesh Chathurti in Kollywood with the release of the first teaser of 2.0

Shankar, known for his mega productions, released a short video as a teaser to his upcoming film 2.0, the sequel to the blockbuster Enthiran. The director shared the ‘making of 2.0’ on his Twitter feed and it went viral within hours.

The video kicks off with Shankar calling ‘Action’ in his signature style and it all begins. Of course, it’s a look at Rajnikanth and his look in the film that got fans of Thalaivar super excited. What has also contributed to the buzz around the video is the unveiling of the look of Akshay Kumar, who plays a never-before-seen villain in the film. His look involves complicated prosthetic techniques and the results are impressive.

The 90-second video tells us Rajnikanth will be recapturing the look and style he had in Enthiran in which Aishwarya Rai was cast opposite him. In the sequel, Amy Jackson takes her place.

Besides turning the spotlight on the superstars of 2.0, the video also focuses on the grand sets and the technicians working on these sets, makeup, stunts and VFX.

Music maestro A R Rahman’s appearance is another highlight of this viral video.