Guess who’s driving this car around Bangalore: No one!

Driverless in Bangalore. Image source: Indhu/Folomojo

Spotted in Koramangla: A Maruti Suzuki Esteem with a difference.

From the outside, this black sedan draws attention with messages on posters stuck around its frame. However, on closer inspection, you realise the posters are only half the story.

Peek into the car and you’ll notice a man sitting on the passenger’s seat. What will shock you, however, is who’s on the driver’s seat — no one.

That’s right. No driver!

Look Ma, no hands! Image source: Indhu/Folomojo
Look Ma, no hands! Image source: Indhu/Folomojo

Users of the popular car website TeamBHP debated this a little over a year ago. While some believe the passenger was using some sort of a sensor/joystick to drive remotely, others lauded the technology being used to do away with the driver completely.

One user claims he spoke to the owner, who told him how this works. First, he says, a route is mapped out on GPS. Sensors in front of the car gauge distance and traffic speed. The car takes turns based on the route map.

Here’s a closer look from TeamBHP:

Image courtesy:
Image courtesy:

What do you think? Is this an elaborate hoax, or is this India’s answer to Google’s driverless cars?