‘Hello Teacher’ to help students preparing for Board exams

Image Courtesy: hrc.nic.in

With Class-10 Board examinations just around the corner, won’t it be good to have a subject expert answering all your queries and doubts over the phone? That’s exactly what the district panchayat of Kasaragod in Kerala has put into action.

The novel scheme, which would come handy to students during Board exams, is reported to be the first of its kind in India.

Through the scheme named ‘Hello Teacher’, students will be able to approach a panel of 25 teachers that handles various subjects. The programme has been launched with a vision to maximise the academic performance of students.

As per the district panchayat, the services of teachers could be availed from 7 pm to 10 pm till the end of SSLC Board examinations in Kerala.

The programme was launched by Kannur University Vice Chancellor Khader Mangad on Sunday. 

“The district panchayat will distribute contact numbers of all expert teachers to all high schools in the district,” an official statement stated. The office of the Deputy Director of Education (DDE) in Kasaragod said that the facility could be used by students from all parts of Kerala.


Malayalam – 8281698921, 8281698922

English – 8281698923, 8281698924, 8281698925

Hindi – 8281698926, 8281698927

Mathematics  – 8281698930, 8281698931

Physics – 8281698933, 8281698934

Chemistry – 8281698936, 8281698937

Biology – 8281698939

Social Science – 8281698941, 8281698942

Urdu – 8281698944

Counselling – 8281698947

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